Are there any existing horizontal wells in the Marcellus shale in Ohio or any plans to eventually tap this reserve?  I am only aware of Utica being drilled in Ohio.  We are trying to value our gas and oil mineral rights and wonder if that should include the Marcellus as well as the Utica.

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Where in Ohio?  The Marcellus pinches out as you move West so you would need to be near the PA/WV border.

We are in Smith Township of Belmont County Ohio about 10 miles from the W. Va. border.


Just my thoughts....There probably would be Marcellus there and there may even be gas or liquids.  However I doubt it is economical at today's prices.  Marquette drilled a Marcellus several years ago in Belmont and I don't think it was a very good well.  If you are trying to sell your acreage, good luck getting much value added for it.  However that doesn't mean that there isn't going to be any value at all in the future.  Just not in the near term at these prices. 

There are producing Marcellus wells in Monroe County Ohio. For evample see the Ormet Corp Well #34111242560100 in Ohio Twp in Monroe County OH.

There are also Marcellus wells as far west as Noble County Ohio.  See  the CNX Unit in Stock Twp in Noble County Well #34121242910000

At the odnr site, the Marcellus wells in Monroe county appear to be vertical wells and not horizontal ones.  But I'm not sure I'm correct about that.

Wrong. There are numerous horizontal Marcellus wells in Monroe County. In fact, they are on the same well pad as Utica Wells. Click on link below:

Ok, thanks.  I'll assume that will happen in Belmont as well.

Your welcome


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