After a letter signed by 800 residents was sent to Gov. Tom Wolf, asking for the state to investigate a possible link between shale gas drilling and childhood cancer, an organization representing the natural gas industry has sent a letter of their own.

The Marcellus Shale Coalition, which is based in Pittsburgh, sent a letter to Wolf on Monday urging him to "reject [the] ridiculous request" to shut down shale gas drilling until its health impacts are studied.

"Fundamentally, it is shameful to exploit the very real and heart-breaking issues associated with childhood cancer," the letter read. "They should not be fodder to advance a political agenda."

The Marcellus Shale letter disputed that there was a connection between shale gas drilling and cancer, citing a WPXI report where Dr. Kelley Bailey of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh said there was no data showing environmental exposure resulted in cancers such as Ewing sarcoma. Her assessment mirrors the American Cancer Society, which also wrote that there are no known environmental causes of Ewing tumors.

The letter also cites a report from the Pennsylvania Department of Heath conducted in April, which concluded that there were "no conclusive findings" concerning a cluster of cancer tumors that occurred at the Canon-McMillan School District and in Washington County.

Throughout the letter — which was signed by Marcellus Shale Coalition president David J. Spigelmyer — it is repeatedly stressed that the wells provide jobs to thousands of Pennsylvanians who "live and play" in the same communities where the wells are operated.

"We appreciate your support for the jobs, energy security and energy savings this industry has brought to the Commonwealth," the letter concludes.

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"fundamentally, it is a shame to exploit the very real and heartbreaking issues associated with childhood cancer, they should not be fodder to advance a political agenda."  nufsaid

I’d like to see a block feature on this site that allows us to block or unfollow anyone that we find objectionable, false, misleading or not of interest, it seems only fair in this day and age that we as a group should have this option. I have yet to see any good or informative material that has been posted on this site from this scare monger. I have been on GMS for 7 yrs or more and have never seen anything or anyone support or back up his tales or negativity. He some how has a right to post his thoughts on here and we should have the right to block them. Power to the People. JIMHO

i take a different view, although it is tempting and i get your point. freedom of speech and the right to ignore is unique to America. i have challenged the individual repeatedly to an honest objective discussion on energy issues. never a responce. facts and reality can be hard to except by everyone at times. i would rather be able to prove a position through an honest presentation than be censored. i also like the optional ignore feature.

While I must admit that I find certain 'Anti' postings seen here as both misguided and lacking in scientific merit, I also hold to the mantra that you "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" is useful to monitor the mindset of these good folks, misguided as they are at times.

that's funny. the same phrase came to mind. kinda like spying, and they don't even know it. by paying attention to names posted within the "hundreds of organizations" referenced in the above subject, and referencing sites like linkedin. a whole list of state and federal employees in DCNR,DEP,NRCS,ODNR, EPA, Con. dist.,etc. pops up. the real censorship question to me is whether it's fair to post the names of taxpayer funded employees related to what they are doing in their "private" lives. HMMMM?


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