Hello,  Is there anyone left on here from Mercer County and if so, any new news?

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Zero news Lilly.

 I did receive a letter regarding a solar farm on our property. Had to laugh, you can count the number of sunny days here on one hand. I hear other farms have received similar letters.

I have a relative who works for the county who says it's just a matter of time before they come back. I sure hopes they're right. The James wells up on 62 are strong producers they say.


I heard about that. I'm not sure if/when drilling will return to the area, but the amount they offered an acre was practically nothing. If they did start drilling again, you probably can't drill underneath the farm. A little money now or potentially a lot later. Your choice.

John L. It sure seems stagnant in our area!! Nothing new happening at all and makes me think the future is looking grim.


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