Can anyone tell me how I figure out where my minerals are located in Greene County PA?  On the lease there is a Tax ID number and the descriptions in the deeds don't do a whole lot for me (I don't know where the white birch is...).  I see there is a Property Assessment Database online but I do not have a professional license so unable to access.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Whats the tax id?  i'll tell you where they are.

I have no idea, Bootmud.  Love your

I have no idea.  I'm dummer than a box of rocks!!  Help!

E M,

The lease usually states a County, Township, State. Your lease doesn't?

Deeds also usually have a  description stating Township, State and County.

Call the office of Greene County Auditor or Treasurer.

Call the company that took the lease.

Thank you.  Yes, I know in general where they are located (township), however, I was wondering if it possible to pinpoint where they are by the tax ID. 

Check website

Location is Belmond, IA    Phone # 641-444-3508

This company makes county plat books which identify parcels by county in a given state.

Thank you!

A well requires a permit, and the permit will show the parcels for each landowner in a Unit.

Ohio Counties have Plat maps, that you can buy for each County from the County Engineer. PA may also have County Plat maps.

Call your County Engineer and ask this question, or call the PA equivalent of the Assessors Office to see if they have electronic records with Parcel maps.

I don't see that she has an actual well. Just basically wanting to know where the actual land is.
Contacted an energy company yesterday, and they said a well was being drilled within 200 ft. of my parcels. by Alpha. Isn't Alpha related to Rice energy?
I have sent you an email. I had a landsman find the actual addresses of my parcels, with the name and address of the landowners. Its public record and should be at the courthouse in Greene county. As others have said, you might have to pay someone to do the research for you. Debbie
Yes, the descriptions of parcels are very difficult. I know that some of mine included, past a stone, near a stick. If you have the tax ID you should be able to find the parcels. I will ask my attorney and the landsman I used if they can recommend a place to look. Also, if you call the energy companies, they can direct you where to look.


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