I'm in Greene Co. Pa. I'm still thinking of selling A portion of my mineral rights,Got an offer for 2700. An arce.I don t want to sell all of them.But why sit and wait for something to happen? Does anyone have info to help me out.(By the way,I already leased to Dale/Ches.)

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Usually its best not to sell any portion of your rights as they are much more valuable over the years. But sometimes it is necessary for some people. Divorce, health, estate issues, heavy debt load, even a great business opportunity. If you decide to do so get lots of various offers. 

The fact it is leased will devalue it somewhat and the terms of the lease will be important.  Things like the term length, royalty rate and calculations, Pugh clause, depth severance clauses, and a commitment to drill at least one horizontal well. A smart buyer will evaluate all these and more.

Good luck!


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