Gulfport Buckeye changed  their name to Gulfport Appalachia. I received a letter Dated August 30th 2017 to please be advised that effective August 15, 2017 Gulfport Buckeye LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, has changed its name to Gulfport Appalachia, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company. All correspondence related to your dealings with Gulfport Buckeye LLC, should now be directed to:

Gulfport Appalachia, LLC

3001 Quail Springs Parkway

Oklahoma City, OK 73134

(405) 252-4600

My lease owner went from Paloma Partners III to Gulfport Buckeye LLC to Gulfport Appalachia LLC all with in the last 4 years. I am in Jefferson Co., Steubenville Township. Ascent is drilling 1/2 mile from my property which is the Cross Creek Township Line, Which I hope is the reason for the Name change. Hopefully a joint venture may arise. I was given a guided tour of the Pioneer 77 Rig yesterday which is drilling the Guisto well and had just completed the 90 degree bend . Great people and good at what they do. They are very happy with the well results in this area. They are running above ground water lines parallel to my property to get their water directly from Cross Creek. If anyone has information on this area please let me Know.

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