Natural Gas prices starting to break out Trading at $3.56 up over 8% today.

This bodes well for our area if Natural Gas can continue to climb and head towards the $5-$6 area.

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What are the chances that this trend will continue 

I read where a cold winter could push prices to $10+, it might only be short term but that could help increase activity fast in this area.

Here’s the article about possible huge Natural Gas price increases if we have a cold winter.


That is a interesting article thanks for sharing 

Other natural gas pundits have opined that all the new pipelines (i.e. Rover and Nexus among others) may reduce the necessity for seasonal gas storage to offset spikes in winter demand. The theory is that the pipelines themselves are defacto large storage chambers. As an NG royalty recipient, I'd like to see the theory tested this winter! The current price spike is encouraging....let's hope it proves to be durable.



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