There is supposedly a new big player making leasing headway in Columbiana County.  Anyone know who the compamy is?

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The only new company I saw leasing in the shale sheet is Great River Energy who supposedly works for AEP....Mclendon.  They have leased in several diff northeast townships in Columbiana County.  Hopefully this shows promise for us:)


My sources show no new activity. Just a little hype from someone.

Leases that have been signed have been very slow to be paid. That accounts for the 2013 leases just being recorded.

Pipeline activity will be the next indicator. Several pipeline right-of-ways were made and  signed in 2013 with 2 year terms. The process must start soon if they are going to put in those lines. No lines no drilling!


There are two pipelines covering most of western columbiana county that go to Kensington. If Aubrey does come here he will probably have no problem working with UEO Kensington a project he started while at Chesapeake.

Worm, You are correct, the industry is meeting about it as we speak.  Their office has been up here in the northern Utica preparing for the final cleanup phase.  Be patient, it will all come together, I spoke with this Texas brokerage yesterday about our concerns.

Now, let me think about this a minute.

The person (small letters of course) who was Chesapeake Energy and taught the company everything they know about how to treat the landowners after getting their names on a lease is going to show promise in our area.

That dog won't hunt!

I would like to know if there is actually a company that is going to lease or is it just a bunch of hype. I have inquired from just about every company that is or was a player in the area, only to hear the same story over and over again. There just not leasing at this time. I know that many existing leases will be expiring in a year or so, and I seriously doubt that any of these will be picked up again. I hope they are, but seeing $5000.00 plus an acre again is never going to happen.   

Eric im callinv them now and I will not yell. I'll be patient, like you said who else is leasing?

I was not implying that you were not trying, just gets a little frustrating when you hear promising news and then nothing after that. I am to the point where any information is taken with a bit of skepticism.

Eric, again they say wait.  I feel your frustration, we all are.  They also are being told to wait.

I don't know about a new player but I do know that Hilcorp is doing some cleaning up in Salem township.  I know of 1 person who received a lease offer and they said their were four others that were being contacted and a neighbor received a letter that said Hilcorp is drilling another well at this location and added that person to the list.  I don't know just what is going on but things seem to be picking up around here.


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