We have noticed a new well being drilled on Route 19 about 7 miles north of Mercer. It is located at the former site of Superior gas well services. Nabors is the name of the company that bought the site and they are also drilling the well very close to Rt. 19. Does anyone know anything about this company?  I do not see anything on the DEP site about a new permit for this well. This site is just around the corner from the Palmer well site that Shell has preped for drilling but they have not drilled as of today.

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No It is just sitting there. It has to be set up and inspected after every drill. It has been ther a month or so. Of course I got my info from a 15 year old who lives nearby.....sooo...take that with a grain of salt. It just got done doing the vertical at the Palmer site, my youthful informant tells me.

I JUST drove by that new well and could not believe how close to the road it is!  It's at the edge of Fredonia and it is a light residential area as well!   It's almost as close to the road as all the small wells we've seen.

Wonder how they got a permit for that?  Greasing palms? 

Like someone else said on here, that isnt an active rig, its just there to be inspected. i know the people that live directly behind it, no drilling from that rig, just a model.

That's better...   When you say 'inspected', does that mean it will then be moved to an actual drilling site?


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