Rig is on the Noss farm,if you have more news please post.

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Can you post the link to the artical..Thx

The Noss well is being flaired...I saw it the other night...what a sight!!

Noss Well Sunday 8-25-12
Listening to the deafening roar of a Jet Engine all night last night and all day today

What have you heard about the well production ?...the looks of the flair it is a good one! Also since you are that close to the McMichael and Mcoy wells could you keep us informed as to what you see happening in your area....every on in this area should post what is going on around them..

Where is the Mcoy well located?

just east of where Tellishes hardware was obout 1/4 mile on the same side of 151

10 mcf & 1000 b of liquids a day from each of the 6.    Noss well.

Is that rumor or fact - if what you say is true - they're pulling in 60mcf/day and 6000 barrels of NGL liquids? Those are very good numbers and will take lease figures up dramatically.
This is the first information I've heard about the wells ancestry they flared them a few weeks ago.
I sure hope you're right - I'm only a few miles from that site!

Aren't they wasting the methane and ethane in the dry gas stream?!?

I'm not sure there is a viable alternative to burning the produced stream when they are clearing the produced water, etc from the well after fracing and when they are testing the flow rate.

Older news but....
The regular monthly meeting of the Beaver County Planning Commission was held at 12:30 p.m., on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at the Beaver County Courthouse in the Planning Commission Conference Room.
Hanover & Independence Twps – Range Resources – Encroachment Permit for the McMichael Well to Noss Well Temporary Waterline.
Industry Boro, Brighton & Potter Twps – Sunoco Pipeline LP– Encroachment permit for the Mariner West Project for the construction of new ethane transmission pipeline and access roads.

Noss well 9/1/12 from the other side


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