Rig is on the Noss farm,if you have more news please post.

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Thx awsome pic's..if you have any info on any of the wells over your way ( McMichaels,McCoy,Blasco, etc) please pass it on....we need to have the community involved so we can keep track of what the gas companies are doing..looks like the 2 wells are really flowing...in the last Barclay webcast RRC said they are getting lots of wet gas ...look at the RRC website..Investor Relations ..company presentations..and Barclay presentation..we are in a good location for wet gas....they drilled the Marcellus and the Upper Devoian ...

A Landman from S.W. Kelly Land Service Inc left his card and a brochure from Range Resources on my porch yesterday. Has anyone heard or dealt with S.W. Kelly before? When I do a search for this company which is supposed to be based out of Ripley WV but all of my internet searches some up with nothing on this company. There are a few red flags such as typo's on his business card, the website on the card doesn't exist, the zip code given is for the supposed company is Huntington WV not Ripley and the number given is a 724 cell phone number. On top of this the only address given is that of a PO box in Ripley.

I intend on calling Range Resources on Monday to confirm the legitimacy of this landman but in the meantime I wanted to know if anyone else has heard or dealt with S.W. Kelly Land Service inc.

Thank you,


What did you find out about S.W. Kelly?

S. W. Kelly might as well be Range. It is an agent they use for contract hires (as opposed to employment hires). You are dealing with someone who works closely and may actually have an office at Range, they are not really a 3rd party.

Thx for the reply we need all the info we can get..2013 will be interesting in our area..that's my opinion..I think it's comming

Here are the tanks at the Noss well...there are six of them look to be 30 to 40 ft tall..hard to tell from a distance but they are big...what are they for?


Those tanks look exactly like the 6 tanks that have been at the Thompson well. At the Thompson site they are used for produced water. I believe they are 40 barrel size tanks. Some time ago I talked to the trucker that was emptying them.

RRC fracked to wells on the site on Marcellus and one upperdevonian..

Here's the Well Report for the Noss Well that was drilled to the Rhinestreet Shale/Upper Devonian:



Thx Todd can anyone tell me what it means?.

Unfortunately Gary, there is not any info regarding open flow data included in it.  I was curious to see what the thickness of the Marcellus was at this location, but that is not in there either! 

Apparently, PA does not require operators to include much useful data for the mineral owners so they are unable to predict any future royalty payments.

Todd, I found out this information today ( I was told to check back in a month when they had their finals)  and I had also asked about the McMasters well in Georgetown, PA, (Hill Road) and I was sent the wrong information.  Have you any information on the McMasters well ?  Many Thanks in advance !  Nancy in Hookstown, PA. 


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