Where r the reports? Are we not entitled to the data? What r we hiding and who r we protecting by keeping this data from going public? One time a year reporting is BS and the Ohio taxpayers and voters should be up in arms of the lack of disclosure, it is state statute. Who is controlling the release of these numbers?

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(A) The owner of any well, including a horizontal well, producing or capable of producing oil or gas shall file with the chief of the division of oil and gas resources management, on or before the thirty-first day of March, a statement of production of oil, gas, and brine for the last preceding calendar year in such form as the chief may prescribe.

(B) The chief shall not disclose information received from the department of taxation under division (C)(12) of section 5703.21 of the Revised Code until the related statement of production required by division (A) of this section is filed with the chief.

what is today's date?     Where is our data?

Do you have any idea how much data there is to process?  There are 64,000+ active wells in the state.  You'll have it by the end of the week per ODNR, so keep your pants on.

Well said!


"... what is today's date?  ..."

My calendar shows, "Today is Tuesday April 2, 2013."

Again, there is no deadline for ODNR to give you the report. 

The deadline was for the drillers to submit their info to the ODNR office.

"...  Where is our data? ..."

As of Friday 5PM, could have just arrived at the ODNR office.

Be patient.

ODNR will post their report on their website, when available.

I went to the site yesterday and read what Marcus posted, I than tried to open the 2011 report to see if they had listed a date they made it public but it kept crashing.
On a side note if you read the page it states the division does not know if these results are true and just reply on the producer for this info. That is not the exact wording but its what it says.
So if the ODNR doesn't know if these numbers are true than what's the point? Do they ever verify it? I have a feeling they don't.
Are the meters on the wells ever checked like they are for gas stations and the scales are in stores?

They do random inspections on about 20% of the wells each year.  They're likely to step up inspections of horizontal wells due to the public pressure regarding shale in general.  the production reports are public record and they're generated by the company because there's no other way to do it.  The companies have records of sales into pipeline systems, so cheating would be traceable.

Good to know, thanks.


Where will this information be published?  Do you have a link, or do we have to go to each well and read the well card?

ODNR will have a comprehensive list on their website when it's available.

what r they doing with it?  do they want to change the numbers?  of course not...all they have to do is blot out the private info and release the data...the hounds await!


the data is extremely important to market value, these figures and the locations of the wells are what gets people fired and gets people elected...just ask Wickstrom.


I am just trying to get this page moving and bring awareness to the importance of actual well results so we can try to make an educated opinion on market value in a given area or  region.   I do not believe everything that is said, but I do believe actual numbers, if they come from a reliable source..  

Chief Simmers, please review and release in the most timily fashion possible, so that the actual landowner/mineral owner can verify what is his minerals potential value.


Please show me, figures in the oil window in excess of 400bls of oil per day.


keep up the good work folks. 

I truely don't believe you can make any real assumptions based on the production numbers provided by the state.  Most of the production is currently being curtailed due to pipeline capacity and the numbers give no indication of the Natural Gas Liquids.


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