There is a well permitted across the river from Parker Pa. Any info on it? Have they started work yet?

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According to the website,  this would be the Windy Oakland 11H Well Pad site.  There are 6 permitted wells for this pad issued in 2018.   4 wells will be Marcellus shale gas and 2 will be targeting the Burkett formation.   Not certain how many have been drilled yet.   The pad location is in Perry Township, Clarion County.   Who is Laurel Mountain Production?

Are they horizontal or conventional? Did they move any dirt yet?

Laurel Mountain is a small outfit that leased several thousand acres in that area. Don't know who is behind it

According to

The Windy Oakland wells all appear to be started but without production details.   All wells are horizontal.

There is another pad directly to the east of Parker that is named Kennemuth Pad 3H.  It has 4 permitted wells with two drilled.  Both are horizontal with 1 Marcellus and 1 targeting the Trenton Limestone-MS formations.

Is Laurel Mountain Production only targeting Clarion County or are they active in other counties too?

I've driven past the Kennemuth pad.  Its right at the "Y" on 58 where it splits to Parker/Foxburg.

I know Laurel Mt drilled some verticals in the area several years ago.  Then they leased surrounding acreage so they must have liked what they found.

Have no idea if they are active in any other areas.

Correction. The pad I drove by is north west of Parker, not east. Its at the "Y" in RT 58. Don't know who it is.

Laurel Mt leased a couple thousand acres around Foxburg, it may extend into any of the three neighboring counties but I don't know.


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