There are flags every 85 1/2 feet along State Route 39 from Lucas to Millersburg. Precision Geophysical has been soliciting permission from landowners to do a survey, apparently with the vibrating trucks. Precision has also recently been advertising help wanted for new employees. Hopefully the results will warrant new leasing activity. It is encouraging that someone has enough interest in the area to justify an expensive seismic survey.  It's the best news for western Holmes County in some time!

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It's probably HG Energy. They have been leasing Holmes, Wayne and Ashland in the past year.


HG just applied recently for wells in Holmes/Salt Creek Twsp and Wayne/Paint Twsp.

 Precision Geophysical trucks active today on State Route 39 east of Loudonville heading eastward toward Nashville. Survey is in progress!

East Ohio Oil and Gas LLC has taken in about 9,000-10,000 acres in the past 6 months just south of there in Northern Knox county. It hasn't been disclosed who EOOG is leasing for though.

I chatted up a Precision Geophysical crew member on SR 39 where they were working on Sunday. He indicated that when they finish the current line on SR 39 they'll be running SR 95 from Bellville to Wooster.l 

Thanks for the info David. For the record East Ohio Oil and Gas is a "shell" company for Western Land Service in Michigan. The terms of their lease are horrible but 10 years ago just about anyone in Ohio would have signed up for $100/acre. From a member of shaleforum:


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