Last fall I saw a map of a proposed pipeline through palmer township, washington county ohio. Has anyone else seen this map and can you direct me to it or give me any information about it? Thank you.

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Can ANYBODY direct me to ANY maps for ANY proposed pipelines in noble or washington county?

Oildude, this is the only information that I have seen about any proposed pipeline going thru Washington County.  It is on slide #33 of the attached link...hope this helps.




Here is the map that is on slide #32


Thanks. I had not seen that map. It will help a lot but the specific one that I was looking for was coming out of Noble county and running south. I think it was a dominion pipeline. I cant remember exactly.

On this map you gave me there is a circle at the end of the beverly bell system around the beverly area. What does TGP stand for?

I believe that TGP stands for Tennessee Gas Pipeline.  That circle indicates the spot where this new pipeline will connect to it.  


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