Some true,some hearsay...Aubrey is looking for a site to build his regional office with a Cambridge address.  Aep Utica is looking to drill a well behind the General store in Old Washington,early feb.   .AEP is drilling now in Harrison co. Rice will be moving their big rig from Belmont co. to daddy Shugerts well in Old Washington,soon. Bluegrass Pipeline coming thru the county this year. Compressor  station for Antero's well below Senecaville is ready to fire up any day.  Gulfport is sending rigs to Guernsey soon. EQT is wanting to drill 21 new wells in Guernsey this year. Carrizo has 2 pads built,ready to roll. Cheasapeake,all of a  sudden,likes Guernsey,better than Carroll. The company wanting to build an apartment complex at the I-77/Rt.22 site has agreed to help finance a sewer plant needed at that site& Coventry Estates. Motel to be built across from Pilot on the hill almost ready to roll. Some landowners near Quaker City are getting offers of $13,400. per acre to sell their Mineral rights.  Any other tidbits are welcome. You hear things from credible sources that may not even be true,but you be the judge.

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Mike, you act as if you would be happy to see AEU fall. Lots of us have leases with them and we hope for the best  with them. Aubrey knows what he is doing and I don't see him slowing down any. When someone says "that well looks abandon" and then another person takes off with that unfounded rumor , it doesn't do the rest of us any good. That's the trouble with this web site, a lot of these replies are everybody's unfounded opinions ,that leads to readers getting false information and causes panic. I mean it's OK to give your opinion but I don't need people telling me the sky is falling when it's not.  

I have also observed this happening in the past.

AEU just put up a drill rig in Londonderry on Skullfork last week.

"Mike, you act as if you would be happy to see AEU fall."

Your assumptions are not appreciated.....!!I

Im just using common sense.....

He has borrowed billions 

and there does not seem

to be a lot going on.....

and if you havnt noticed..."the sky has fallen"

over 80% of O/G is DEAD....

Since you take things "personally" I would suggest you don't read this site....

AEU is drilling and a lot of the leases they bought off of Enervest has a no pooling clause, so they have to go around to the different properties and get a addendum to the lease allowing they can build their that takes some time to do...

"the new building" is behind the fedex building .. its already under roof with other buildings being built on site also.. oh yeah and theres a giant sign out by the road that says American Energy Partners
These low prices won't slow Aubrey down. I can see him getting lease from other companies pulling out. He knows what he's doing


hope it all works out for everyone....

Just the overall scene in SE Ohio  doesn't look promising... ... rats...

Hopefullly the Middle East will incinerate itself and drive the price of OIL BACK UP !


Besides...when people see the rig leave they panic  and say they have pulled out! Yes they take down the rig and make room for the frackers to come in! The can drill the wells in a short time!

Exactly! The well site near Moore woods was drilled then all equipment gone... I thought maybe they didn't find anything...just a few weeks later HUGE tanks in place all kinds of activity! Also this weather has been brutal,
I know someone who works for us wells they are up here from WVA fracking a site near Seneca in noble county...all kind of breakdowns BC of temperatures..we all should be glad there are people out there willing to endure these fridid conditions to allow us to get royalties even faster
Hard to make things happen when u are getting frostbite and can't move your hands!!!!!!!

Well.... sadly...they said on the news that Yemen is being evacuated tonight;all the Embassy's are leaving and pulling out. The state department asked our Military men and women to leave there weapons also....what the hell is the State dept. thinking asking a military person to do that!

Hi Catt, our State department does what ever the Obama admin. says to do and Obama has been pro-muslim since day one with his apology tour when he first took office. Since then almost everything he has done has been against what we as a Christian nation, founded on Judeo-Christian principles stand for. He invites our enemies (muslim brotherhood officials) to the white house to advise him on mid-east policies. Why would it surprise anyone that he would leave our weapons there for them to use against us. Our main enemy over there is Iran and now Iran has control of Yemen. They almost have Saudi Arabia surrounded and the Saudis are very nervous right about now. Obama should be more like the king of Jordan who has vowed to wipe out ISIS from the face of the earth all for burning alive one pilot. They have killed at least 4 of our people with very little punishment and murdered and beheaded and crucified thousands of other innocent men women and children. They kill the men and use the young girls for sex slaves and justify it all by their 'holy book' the Koran. Not all muslims are radicals only about 10% of 1.6 billion which is over 100 million fanatics who would love to destroy our way of life and make the whole world 'Muslim'. They will not stop until they reach that goal. ISIS is only the beginning (spearhead) of their world wide domination and they are spreading fast contrary to what our leader would have us to believe.

The mainstream media outlets don't report the news about most of the shit going on over there because they lean toward the left wing liberal point of view which is controlled by Obama supporters... I could go on but I just get sick thinking about the direction our leadership has taken our country these last 6 years... Our friends over there don't trust us and our enemies don't fear us. God help us make it through the next 2 years and hope to heaven that we elect a 'real' leader next time...  


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