Does anyone know if Shell has drilled any wells in the Utica. There was a rumor the last well drilled on the Gee property was into the Utica. Can anyone confirm this???

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They are currently drilling the Palmer well and will drill the Shannon well soon, these are both in the utica in Mercer County, Pa.

As far as the Gee well is concerned, if you go through the various reports at the PA DEP site you can find info that lists the GEE C 832 2V well (permit #117-21538) with a spud date of 6/20/2012 as targeted at the Utica Shale formation. This was drilled by SWEPI in Middlebury Township, Tioga County, PA so if that is the GEE well you mean, you can take it as confirmed.

The Patterson well in Little Beaver Twp Lawrence County Pa. has two Utica wells

Thanks Tom that is what I was looking for.


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