Halcon Resources has applied for and been granted a reissue of a permit in Trumbull County; the Lutz 1H.

It appears the company just decided to have the permit reissued. At least they're still interested, hopefully a good sign for the future.

However, if you have been following the financial travails of the company you probably know that Trumbull County OH is not on the front burner so to speak.

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to reissue a permit cost 50 bucks no big deal  permits get renewed all the time

several permits in western carroll have been renewed several times by cheasepeak


There is no rig on site either.

You are correct Mike in that it is no big deal. I think Mark's point was that it shows future interest and possibility. He then appropriately tamped down expectation. Chesapeake and Enervest have both recently shown activity in renewing leases in Trumbull County. Now Halcon has renewed a permit. It ain't a lot Mike, but it ain't nothin' either. Heck, a $50 speculative expenditure by Halcon right now probably took a special board meeting to get the OK.

ODNR Weekly report, week ending 2015-06-13, lists the Lutz well as "Drilling".  Warren Township Trumbull County.


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