How are the surging natural gas prices affecting drilling this year, and what about going into 2022?  Are the gas companies taking advantage of these higher prices?  What`s next?

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Those were the days, and I share your story.  Let`s keep the discussion going folks!!

I still get Real Estate listings from Tioga County PA ,,, For the most part land prices have not dropped ... 

How much will reserving mineral rights by a seller reduce the value of an acre of land?  Are buyers still interested if mineral rights are reserved?  

Good questions Farmgas ....I get listings from Tioga on a regular basis ... Seems the land with rights are in the $4 to $5,000 range .. Surprisingly land without rights  are not that far behind ..... NY land seems cheaper , but taxes are much higher ....... I am interested in your perspective as you are in the area ....

My property is located several counties to the west of Tioga County.   My impression of property value is based upon conditions such as level v. hilly or mountainous, cleared v. timber rich, farmland v. timber, rocky v. cleared, swampy or wetlands & public road accessible.  I`m certain there are many other factors that impact land value as well.  I`m not too certain how much general buyers view mineral rights as a value.  I don`t think this group of buyers understand all the ramifications that we GMS members have come to know about land disturbance from pipeline ROWs, pads & wells not to mention increased traffic & noise from drilling activity.  Maybe the way the gas industry is rolling these days these concerns might not be experienced too much.  My point is a beautiful country location might be changed to an industrial site without a buyers upfront awareness.  In my view I wouldn`t want to buy land without a good understanding for it`s future gas industry involvement.   Also having the mineral rights or an old gas lease would at least offer some involvement in decision making for ROW & well pad locations.

My daughter is looking to buy a home in Tioga or Potter County, with land. She'd prefer to have all rights transfer, but with the way any property on the market is snapped up almost immediately--many for CASH--and way over priced, I doubt that there's an issue. 

Deb , tell your Daughter to be patient , Real Estate will become more affordable as Interest Rates go up ....

While selling off a NY Parcel  while maintaining the Rights , I put covenants on the Deed  on where pipes and drill pads could be located 

thanks! She's very impatient, has been living with us and really needs her own place. She's a veterinarian and needs to be closer to her work, as well. (Plus, she has SIX animals here!)

anybody know why the "reply" button disappears off some posts?

also, we saw several properties go within a week of posting, including one that was listed for $500,000. For CASH. Someone's snapping up a lot of land/houses.

Could these properties be bought by mineral rights buyers?  People not willing to sell just mineral rights so the entire property is purchased? 

Market is hot just about everywhere ,,,, as of today , Potter County is pretty quiet as far as drilling ,,, I doubt Counties like Potter getting much of a Mineral Rights Play in Real Estate today ..... Here on Long Island the current housing inventory for sale is 75% lower than 'normal ' times ........  


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