Texas Family awarded $3Million in damages - still pro fracking

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First: this had nothing to do with fracing. It was about wells that were in production.

Second: The Texas Commission On Environmental Quality confirmed the statements made by the company,

             that the company had complied with federal and state VOC standards. Further, in order to placate

             the Parr's the TCEQ asked the company to add equipment to reduce VOC's further. After

             installation VOC's were undetectable. So the problem was resolved prior to trial.

             Third: this action was funded and promoted by Eartworks, a well known anti fossil fuel

             organization which used the Parr family for it's own publicity, not the benefit of the family. It was

             pursued purely to promote it's own agenda, forced to jury trial where emotion often outweighs


            Finally: even the attorney's for the Parr family admit that the verdict may not stand up to an

            appeal where facts dominate over emotion. The attorney's also admit that this is a situational

            event and has no broad application to oil and gas development in general. In other words it will

            not be useful in any copycat cases that may be filed.

Companies that do this right will be rewarded with handsome profits.  One that screw show pay the piper.


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