The new EPA Report on hydraulic fracturing shows why know nothing politicians, like NY's Governor Cuomo, should leave important scientific decisions to the experts.

Of course we all know that Governor Cuomo and other politicians, like PA's new Governor Wolfe, make their decisions, not on the best information available, but what the political benefits are to them.

In the instance of hydraulic fracturing they side with the anti fossil fuel crowd on the left. Why? Not because those anti folks are correct; no, it's because they contribute millions of dollars to the campaigns of politicians like Cuomo and Wolfe.

Hopefully, in light of the EPA report, Governor Cuomo will reconsider his ban on hydraulic fracturing and lift it.

Then, finally, the land owners of NY will be able to make decisions about THEIR land without government interference. Finally, some economic relief will come to the ove taxed citizens of  NY.

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Cuomo's stance on fracking had nothing to do with science and pretty much everyone knew it from the get go.  It was a naked political move that, in light of this newest report, seems like an untenable position, even for someone as tone-deaf as Cuomo.

Naked political move?  Yes

Tone-deaf?  Yes

Untenable?  Not so long as Cuomo has support of a majority of his constituents, which he surely has.

Let's face fact.  Our adversaries base their opposition on belief AGW (global climate change, or whatever) actually exists.  They believe they are "saving the planet"!  And since they control the schools, they are teaching this crap "science" to children . . YOUR children and grandchildren if you have kids or grand kids.

The whole thing is akin to watching a deadly infectious disease spread. 

His main power base comes from the wealthy in NYC which has been paved over and polluted beyond repair . 

NYC is where are the enviro-hypocrites live.

Very true.  But you'll also find a goodly number of them in nearby Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, and Nassau Counties.  IOW, the entire region is saturated with kooks, not just NYC alone.

And this is to say nothing of the idiots living in Fairfield County, CT, and in a number of NJ counties nearby to NYC.  They all have the disease.


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