My lease expires in may and august of next year and drilling is very slow in my area Brooke county wv Chesapeake paid out bonus money one time then swn paid out bonus money will swn lease again since technically it will be the second time with 5 year lease I can’t see them letting this go with all the money invested 

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You may want to check and see if a unit has been permitted around you. Once SWN spuds, the leases are tied into that unit, then SWN will not need to give you a new lease. WV oil and gas mapping for the DEP can show you the units in and around you.

Thanks joe an up to date website showing the units in Brooke county would be great I will try that 

Hi joe someone gave me a website on here awhile back It clearly shows I’m in a pooled declaration. API 470-009-00190  I called swn wanting to know when I would be receiving division orders they said I’m not in the unit it just shows adjacent mineral owners and the pooled unit has big red letter AS DRILLED I don’t know how reliable this website is 


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