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One idea might be a carbon tax that replaces the Clean Power Plan. Cramer is perhaps the only elected Republican to express support for such a fee. And his description of a carbon tax doesn't align with popular ideas about its shape. Most advocates want to direct carbon revenue toward cuts to the corporate tax rate or to fund clean energy programs.

"My idea of a carbon tax would be to help fund clean fossil fuel research and development, not to fund the government, not to punish fossil fuel generation, not to manipulate fuel choice," Cramer said. "Even a neutral, a revenue-neutral, carbon tax is inappropriate, in my view. But if we can have a very, very modest carbon tax to fund, again, the solution by utilizing fossil fuels like coal, I think even the industry would support that."

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Fossil fuels have made life better for a large segment of the human population, and this continued supply of affordable energy can do so for the undeveloped nations looking to aspire to a better life. Intelligent species use the resources afforded them to their benefit, that is what defines intelligence in the first place. Enemies of fossil fuels are also enemies of modern man as they are trying to make it harder for others to improve their lives with the use of the energy afforded by fossil fuels. Climate has in fact changed over the earth's life and will continue to do so, with or without man and in no way should constitute a barrier to mankind's effort to continuing improving the lives of all human beings...

Mike: you say "When I go look at the coal fired power plants... all I see is "steam"  coming out of the stacks...!!"

And when you look at a sewage treatment plant such as ALCOSAN, all you see is "water" coming out of the effluent pipe into the Ohio River, right?

Are you happy to breathe that "steam"? Are you happy to drink that "water"?

The #2 air pollution source in Allegheny County, near Pittsburgh, is the Cheswick coal-fired power plant. Go to and you'll learn that mixed in with that "steam" is:

Cancer Arsenic Compounds, Chromium Compounds, Lead Compounds, Nickel Compounds, Sulfuric Acid
Cardiovascular System Problems Lead Compounds, Manganese Compounds, Nickel Compounds
Nervous System Problems Arsenic Compounds, Lead Compounds, Manganese Compounds, Mercury Compounds
Respiratory System Problems Arsenic Compounds, Chromium Compounds, Copper Compounds, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrogen Fluoride, Manganese Compounds, Nick Compounds, Sulfuric Acid

Clean it up then.

One good way is to use more Natural Gas the way I see it.

And giddyup while you're at it.

From the beginning of  the UNITED STATES......

Everyone kept WARM with COAL and WOOD.....

COAL fed the INDUSTRY for 200 years......

the population seems to have grown.....

Coal and OIL do not pollute the air like ........RADIATION....!!

The US GOVT soaked everyone in the US during the 1950's with Nuclear Radiation...

the Govt wants you to think COAL and OIL is the problem....

Brain washing is keeping you from "thinking" correctly... about what the problem is

with  "pollution"..

Take the "steam" and condense it...... add Barley... and make Whiskey and

everyone can drink the "steam" then.....

If you want to understand all the "go green" BS..... go to....Wikipedia


and you will see where all the Brain Washing is coming from....

Carbon tax... wow... what a joke......

Tree's clean the air for FREE... duhhhhh

Noting an attempt to hi-jack this important discussion.

Yep Joseph-Ohio is a fact denier .. Probably thinks that coal was created in 6000 years.. What a lune 

Ya' wanna put an appropriate address on exactly who ya' think the fact denier is ?

Reads like you're pointing at me ! ? ! ?

Well ? ? ?

Just so you all know - me and mine are pro more natural gas usage.

It's ours, it's abundant now - so let's develop more of it and use it instead of buying from the competition / hostiles / potential hostiles.

Quit keeping them fat and happy.


Mike-in the last year, we've had natural gas pipelines exploding like 2,000 pound bombs and polluted rivers and streams from spills.

Railroad cars full of North Dakota crude decoupled on a hill outside of a small Canadian town, rolled down the hill into the town, exploded and incinerated a group of locals having a quiet Saturday night drink in the "Café Musee."

I'd like to see you in a small room with the deceased individuals  family and friends explaining that the problem is too much regulation.

Both republicans and democrats do one thing good---point to the other people who are injuring the country and providing zero or barely anecdotal evidence.

When are you rubes going to let go of that canard that regulation is what is hurting the country? 

The business class controls this country, and I'm ok with that.   

The problem is many of them are greedy and none too bright---that is the country's problem and the holocaust in the oil & gas industry is Exhibit "A" of the disasters the business class causes with inadequate adult supervision.

I actually like the business class in charge--but they need strong regulation and a baleful eye on them at all times.

You guys are wasting you're time conversing with this anti folks they aren't here to learn but to explain why they are right!!!!!
I suppose the next thing they will be proposing will be you have to have a college education to vote.

The next thing you will be proposing is that you have to be a white, Christian, male to vote.

Like the good old days before 1920 when the "Christians" ran things.

Nope just equal rights for all even if you don't agree with my personal beliefs.


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