Does Rice Energy prepare and record their "Unit Declarations" or "Unit Designations" for their wells at the respective county Recorder of Deeds offices?

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Unit declarations are on file with ODNR.

Run a Completions Report for the Well you believe you might be included in.

At the bottom of the report there will be several links to some PDF files associated with that well.

One of the files will include all documents presently on file with ODNR for that well that you ran the report for.

In that file you will find a map of the drill unit of the well.  On that map there is usually a list of the property and mineral rights owners, their acreage, and their respective percentage of ownership in the well.

Gas Boy,

I see that you live in Monroeville, PA.  The Unit Declarations should be at the Recorder of Deeds office for the County in which the drilling takes place.  For example, Unit Declarations for Butler County, PA can be found here:

Just type in the Last Name and the First Name.


Thank you Phil.  I'm looking for declarations in Washington County.  Probably just do the same on their website as well.


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