Received my latest Farm Bureau News today. These people should run for president, they know everything about everything. Experts on everything O&G..Sounds like they have been coached by the best O&G could buy. Anyone reading this issue would swear the writers were employees of O&G not the Farm Bureau..The Forced Pooling issue is coming under fire again. Because existing laws do not protect mineral owners, and proposed legislation does not offer still enough protection. We need even better protection when trying to negotiate with O&G. I do not know of one story that I ever read concerning a property owner that had been forced to sell a piece of property, or a right of way,or water rights, so that a company, or township, or state, or government agency, could build, demolish, cross over, change, existing property, that benefitted the property owner. The property owner ALWAYS loses. That is why it is called FORCED. If they were required to negotiate a fair agreement with the owner it could no longer be called FORCED. An improvement to a seriously lacking current law is not always enough. No matter what the O&G told the WVFB. When others negotiate for you, you lose. Only when you negotiate for yourself do you have a chance. Joe

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     The Shale Play State governors (small letters for small people) are running for president. I figured Big Domestic Oil wanted them in the White House since we no longer want them running our Shale Play States.

I see NARO is Shaleabrating on Wow where were those people when the landowners needed coaching on the many ways O&G is taking advantage of them. Give me a reason to pay them dues and I'll invest my entire royalty payment paying NARO's annual membership fees.

Thanks to OPEC we have a chance to get the news out and change the way O&G has traditionally treated landowners. Maybe even elect a real gov and atty gnl to protect the landowners of each shale play state.


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