I know I have asked this question several times now but would still like to clarify. Having app 80-100 acres of mineral rights in Westland Township, Guernsey Co, is it the norm to just sit and wait to be approached by an oil or gas company for a lease offer or do I actively pursue? For quite a while my hands were tied because the mineral rights were in my deceased father's estate so it took some time and work to have all necessary legalities taken care of so that now the mineral rights are in my name and my sisters' names on the mineral rights. Now that we can to something do we really DO something or sit and wait. I am trying to learn all I can and feel i am learning but still have alot to learn. I do have an offer from one person stating she will pass the description and location of the property and she would pass it on to a friend of hers. I am open to hear any and all information or advice anyone has to offer!! Thank you so much!

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