I have heard very little regarding why Lackawanna county fizzled out with leasing a few years back.Can anyone educate me? I belong to a group that has not had a discussion now since 2011. Is Lackawanna permanently blacklisted, or is there still hope?

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Lackawanna County, and Luzerne County next door, are homes to some of the most fervent Pennsylvania fractivists.  Also, Scranton, PA, is in Lackawanna County!!

Together with those things, the shale in Lackawanna County is not all that great.  Gas companies can go elsewhere in PA and find not just better shale, but a FAR more welcoming drilling environment.

Finally, portions of Lackawanna County lie within the Delaware River basin.  Those lands might as well be in New York, given fracking is currently banned by the DRBC anywhere in the basin.  Governor Wolf, incidentally, gleefully supports this ban.  

Thanks Frank, I had heard that the county government was an issue. As for shale quality, the info has been scarce. I think only two test wells drilled here so far, both about 5 mile east of me in Dalton. Perhaps when the locals learn how much positive impact Gas has had in Susquehanna and Bradford, the climate will change. Scranton ,with it's near bankrupt status should be begging for shale revenues should the state as a whole. I hope I survive long enough for any of that to occur. thanks again, EK

EK I wish you best of luck.  I live in Bradford County and the shale has been a blessing.  A couple of suggestions:

Unless you already know, determine whether or not your land falls beneath DRBC control.  If it does, follow events in Wayne County.  In-the-shale landowners there have mounted the most vigorous opposition to the punitive actions of the DRBC.  When Corbett was in charge he confronted the DRBC.  But now with Wolf things are different.  Wolf cares more about the sensitivities of persons in New York, New Jersey, and Delaware than he does about his own Pennsylvania landowners, like you.  Wolf is on the public record regarding this matter.

If you are outside DRBC control count your blessings.  Your chances will be somewhat better, and you can focus just on local (i.e., Lackawanna County) opposition and forget about the idiots in Trenton, NEW JERSEY!!


Excellent reply Frank:
You will see questions like this asked more and more as this year progresses. Look to the Fractivist and your greedy politicians for the answers as they have been allowed to strip you of your freedom to develop your mineral rights. The State of PA has become an unfriendly environment and less economical state to work in dues to them. You will continue to see companies leaving your state for a more receptive areas which have welcomed them in lieu of taxing them out of business. The only event a this point that could help reverse this would be a huge rise in the Natural Gas price.


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