When will the edge pad be put into production?

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Are amounts getting better instead of pennies?

Its a little better than first estimated , if they ever open the tap , it could get interesting ?

Dale, thanks for info.

I am in the Lepley Well. We are getting around $300 an acre a month. Nothing like we were originally told, but I am ok with it being choked down until the price does go up. We are getting checks for a month at a time. All checks are 3 months behind. The checks we just received for April were the best yet. June and July will be a whole lot better. What I don't understand is, that we are getting charged marketing fees by Gulfport, No fees on the Rice checks. I thought we wouldn't have any fees on the Wishguard lease. Anybody have any insight? 

Who did you lease with, Gulfport or Rice?

Dose anyone know if they have opened up the edge wells yet. Prices are continuing to trend up.

Just getting a little more each month so far .

Not much increase at all this month from GP Albert


Thanks for info, the well still must be choked back. Inventories are low,prices are going up. One would think that they will be increasing production. Keep your fingers crossed.

We are leased with Gulfport, Rice is involved because they have the pipe lines, so they get a cut, and they pay us as well.

Mike you may have already gotten an answer to your question but if not, here is one.  If you have a "market enhancement" clause in your lease,  it may state that you cannot be charged by an affiliate of your producer.  My guess is that your pipeline service is owned by Rice so they don't make deductions.  But Gulfport claims no interest in the pipeline and can therefore charge you.  That is the situation we are in as well.  Rice has formed numerous pipeline companies including Rice Olympus Midstream, Rice Midstream Partners, Rice Midstream Holdings, Rice Poseidon Midstream.   Rice and Gulfport have also formed a joint venture in a new pipeline company called Strike Force Midstream serving some wells in Ohio.  Do you know which pipeline service handles your well? 


Thanks for information.

Mike any increases in royalties?


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