I know they just signed leases, but everyone on this board and landowners I'm sure would appreciate the information.  I've been told the numbers and that it was a great lease, just trying to figure out why it is so 'hush-hush'?

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HB are you in the S-G group ?

The signing of the Letter of Understanding which is part of the lease, needs to be signed by anyone that has already signed a SG lease. A signing of the LOU and initialing of 2 committee approved corrections in the lease will take place on Monday Dec 10 at OUE from 10am-7pm. They can also be signed at the Rice Energy office in St.C at 252 W Main St. (across from Harvey Goodman office)  after Dec 10, Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM and Saturday 10 AM – 3 PM. SG members can also sign a lease on any of those days too. Non members wishing to sign a lease need to contact the Rice leasing office to see if your area is included in Rices' target leasing area.

BrianH wrote:

It seems the concept "All or Nothing" means all Rice is interested in and nothing for those that held strong with the group but did not appeal to Rice.. Very disappointed in the results we waited so long for from S-G.
I'm happy for all those that will find checks in the mail box next May but I'll beat that a large portion of those that put their trust in the S-G group will find their selfs without. Sorry it didn't workout for all of us.
Very disappointed in you Larry, you and the S-G board let us down.


You need to take a VERY close look at the LOU that came from S-G last week - particularly page two. Larry Cain and the S-G board worked very hard to make this deal happen. They got Rice to take ALL S-G members, including those outside the "target area" Rice unveiled at the meeting a month ago. You also owe Larry and the S-G board public and a personal apology. They all gave up a couple of years of their lives to make this deal happen so people like you could benefit from it.

Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

That applies to any oil & gas deal.

The point is, you were grumbling publicly about being left out of the S-G offer from Rice without actually knowing the whole offer.

Now, you're not left out unless you choose to remove yourself, thanks to the hard work done by the S-G board. And you still seem ungrateful.

I'm happy to report that I got my call from Rice..
Larry and the S-G Board.. Thank you for all your hard work.. I was wrong in my comments above. This has worked out very well for my family and I..
Thank you,
Good luck to all.

There's a lot more crow to eat on your plate.

We should all thank the S-G Board and Larry Cain for the work they did this past year as we enter this new year with a firm foundation for a sense of hope for a bountiful new year that we didn't have a year ago. It is evident that they worked hard for us all us, even those not in Smith and Goshen townships.  God bless us all.

Has anyone received payment from Rice Energy since the signing for Smith-Goshen? What is the deadline?

Couple more months

How many days to payment did the contract initially state? calender days or working days?


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