Anyone have any information on the recently permitted Baird Unit in Concord Township?

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What do you want to know about it?

Where is it?

The entrance will be just passed the Dassa Ellementary school.  The unit will be between the Manuel and Klever units. 

Any unit maps available yet?

Permitting indicates a Unit size of 3226.32 acres

i haven't seen one yet

Oliver Perry, are you able to post a link to the declaration of pooling for this Baird Unit?

I appreciated the information you posted on another discussion regarding the Manuel and Kleever Units.

I don't think the declaration for the Baird Unit has been filed yet JMS. I sent you a PM.

Attached are the well location plats with associated documents for the Baird 1H, 3HB, & 4H wells. Each pdf is 5 pages.



I have a question and I haven't checked the Recorder of Deeds yet- Isn't it against my lease if the 3HB is 3000+ acres and my lease says only 1280?

I attached the Baird Unit Declarations for anyone interested.


Those look like the plats that were used to permit the wells. The Baird 3B plat includes the other units. The DOP (declaration of pooling) that is filed with the recorder is what you will really be paid on, not the permitted unit size from the plats. 


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