Jefferson Township, Butler County CHRISTENSEN B UNIT 6H not producing

I apologize that I had asked this before but not in the correct county group and have no replies so I am asking in Butler County.

I have property leased by XTO 6 years ago in Jefferson Township, Butler County   The lease was renewed about a year ago, and the well was finally drilled.    The Permit number 019-22694.

I also have property leased to RE Gas in northern Butler County.   In comparing the wells, RE leased ground and within 2 years it was drilled, fracked, producing and paying royalties.

XTO on the other hand under the above listed permit, finally drilled the well in November 2017 and fracked it in July of 2018.

I've been checking the PA Oil and Gas reporting website periodically and found the well had it's production indicator changed to "producing" and the well produced only 2700 MCF in the Summer of 2018.    Currently the has it's production indicator on the reporting website set to "NO" and it has a note saying "Well Temporarily not Producing"

Does anyone know what "Temporarily not Producing" means.   Is the well shut down?    Will it ever produce?

How long can the operator keep it shut down?

Is anyone else in this Jefferson Township unit heard anything?   Anyone in Christensen B actually receive payments?

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Get it from the horse's mouth, contact XTO about your questions!

You could ask NARO


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