Thanks for joining this county group. The county groups allow us to really share pertinent local information such as leasing activity. The value of each group really depends on you! I order to be of value to us, we must be willing to share what we know. So please - share freely and have fun shaling.

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Hi! We live just past DeRuyter and actually into Chenango Co. but you're the closest! We've been contacted by Mason Dixon, and we're just not sure what to do. We seem to have gotten a decent offer compared to those around us, but I guess the next step would be to take it to a lawyer?
WOW! A lawyer was definitely the right move! Upfront the contract sounded great...till the lawyer pointed out what it was REALLY saying! We'll be finding a coalition to get connected with for sure!
Thanks Keith. I am a proponent of safe hydro-fracking for natural gas. There are jobs and income for farmers needed. And I want to hear both sides. I trust the DEC will set up standards.
Here are two news articles that should be reviewed and considered with more research into the question to drill or not.


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