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Just nod if you can hear me...

lol. I guess this site isn't completely dead yet.

Sites not dead but my 8 yr Eclipse lease is after the initial 3 years. No renewal. Guernsey near Groh well.

I still believe someone will be back to re-drill the Groh. That was the 1st horizontal well drill in this area and they did just about everything wrong on that hole. Just didn't know how to do it yet. 

Eclipse did not renew my 8 year lease after three years (May 2019).  I resigned with Ascent.  8 year annual renewal contract with a 3-year paid the first year.  Took a little bit of a hit on taxes with the 3-year payout but feeling good about not worrying about whether or not they are going to pay the annual renewal until 2022.  I am close to the Groh well. (within a mile as the crow flies).

I'm on Johnsons Mill Rd hoping for the best with Eclipse. We are due up Jan 20.Things aren't looking to great now that Eclipse is Montage. Maybe Ascent will scoop me up if Montage bails. Anybody know what Ascent has been offering?

keep us posted what happens. seems like Utica Resources are the ones leasing/and drilling lately in Guernsey co. mostly in wills&Center twps. From what I could gather; looks like they are offering 3 year leases,with option to extend another 3. No proof,but word is; $3500 per acre. which will amount to $7000 if extended. don't know the royalty #s.

I'll post a reply once I know if I'm renewed or not. This year to year suspense is a real nail biter.


Eclipse/Montage did not renew the lease. Eclipse paid the first three of an eight year, year to year. Montage is now supposed to record the termination at the court house. Lesson learned.  A paid up lease is the only way to fly. Good luck to all.


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