Information about drilling activity, pipelines, etc. in Millwood Township.

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I am also getting low ball offers to buy my land or mineral rights.

Must be something going on, would sure like to know!

I have acreage in Millwood and was just contacted by Purple Land Management on behalf of Ascent Resources who is looking to perhaps drill a well in Millwood.  KWGD is marketing/representing us and I don't have any details to add yet.  Ascent has normally been further north of us, so I am curious why they are looking at Millwood.  Happy about the possibility though. I will share what I can when I find anything out.  It may not transpire into anything but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks for the info David. Which attorney at KWGD is representing you?   Any idea of the proposed well site?  Thanks


Bill Williams handles lease negotiations. We had also used Greg Watts to get back some of our acreage through MTA.  They aren't cheap but they have treated us well.  Our acreage is east of Quaker City right on the Guernsey/Belmont county line.  I don't know if a well site is really "planned" or not.  That is what the landman told me when she called.  I have heard that this can be stated by some landmen to try and get people to sign up.  I will try to get more solid info.


Will be nice to have some activity in our the area.  Drilling all around that spot of Millwood. 


Hope things are going well for your and yours.  I missed your response earlier and only saw Scott's.  Currently Purple has only contacted me regarding my 2 small parcels on Barker Rd.  They may have missed or aren't interested in the two parcels that are closer to your land.  They are looking into those two parcels for me.  Has anyone been in contact with you or have you heard anything about the land around us?


Dave Cain

I have heard rumors about that location as well. Landowners on Yoker Valley have been approached i was told.

I had Bill handle my last 2 leases, they do a great job but yes they are not cheap.

PM me if you have any terms thrown around yet.  Thanks.


Have you heard who is looking to drill in Millwood?  It seems like Eclipse/Montage/Southwestern is not active and has left a void in Millwood. I am wondering if Anterro and/or Ascent are looking to move in?  And are you currently under lease or has your lease expired (if you don't mind me asking)?


Dave Cain

Hi Dave, from what I have learned from friends in the area, Antero/Ascent are actively leasing in Millwood. Leases have been signed on Yoker Valley Rd and 761 by Kennonsburg. I just contacted Bill Williams & KWGD who also confirmed several companies are interested in Millwood and I hired Bill & his team to go on the hunt for a new lease. I am optimistic !

The Yoker Valley activity is in Millwood, the Kennonsburg activity in Noble Cty which seems to be active also. 

Good luck on getting a new lease and getting drilled!  My thinking is that if I get a new lease that it will probably be the last one that I sign since I am thinking that these drillers are holding off on signing new leases until they actually plan on drilling a well.  Back when I signed the first lease in 2011 I was really anxious to get a well drilled and start collecting royalties.  I got impatient as time dragged on and it seemed like wells were going in everywhere except on my property.  But in retrospect, I am pretty content with the way things have turned out so far.  Two signing bonuses and a potential for a third is not a bad way to go either.

Good luck,

Dave Cain


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