I have many questions that i am sure some of you know the answers to!  One is if they dont drill in the first year you get a delayed rental payment i understand, does that mean if i am not in the unit of 640 acres where the well is i still get that or how does that work? if they drill 2 miles away what does that mean for my delayed rental payment? And lets say after 2 yrs they are still drilling but my land doesnt get in a unit, do i still get money in those years? Any help is appreciated!!

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She told me the name of the people that sold the farm in 1984 who had the lease on the well, but didn't write it down, and there's has been no activity on the well in over 27yrs, and yes the well is on the property. But if it says existing well which that would be the dead one that don't come under new wells does it? And I have heard people taking about abandoment after 20yrs on old dead wells. So tell me what I need to do I want to get these things resolved and I am in Florida so who do I call any phone numbers would help I am new to this but determined!! TKS Faith

Some of the groups out there will try to solve the individual deed issues after signing the lease .. some not. Have you asked them these questions ?  If you do sign a lease just be sure that 1)you do not "Warrant" to the Lessee that you have the oil & Gas rights. Look for something in the lease that states "no warranty of title"  2) that their is no reservation of oil & gas rights on the current deed. I am not an attorney .. so this is just my $.02

Hi Faith,I'm in the midst of a situation similar to yours and have done a lot of research into it,I can give you a lot of insight into where to look and what to do. You can contact me at rhcaldwell@hughes.net

Thank you, Bob I wil be contacting you! Faith
Faith The old well will cause problems with your title however it can be cleaned up. Old wells dont just go away not only will it cause you problems if this well was drilled deeper than 4000 feet it may hold the old lease 130 acres or at least 40 acres. You can email me at mbelaj@frontier.com I can help you with this problem I have been in the Oil and Gas business for over 25 years. Michael J Belaj Cambridge Ohio 
Ok i emailed you and thanks again!!


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