Im new to this site was just trying to figure out if anyone knows anyone still leasing in hancock county. We had a offer about three years ago from Kenyon Energy. At the time the couple other peolpe around us with land decided to wait so we did to. Between the 3 of us we have close to 400 acres  just north of weirton. We joined a group with a local lawyer but it seems to be going nowhere. We are not obligated to stay with the group so kinda looking around on my own just looking for the right direction to go. Thank you for any advise you may have to offer.

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There will be significant interest in developing Hancock County in the near future.



Chesapeake has kept Hancock off the radar the past few years and now we are seeing interest from other companies -- but we had to get our information out there.  The wild west days are over.  In other words, a company is not going to lease us and then sell the leases.  Instead, a company will need to evaluate our properties in Hancock to make a complete development plan before they give us a lease offer.

Waiting is not fun but it will reap many benefits for our families in the near and distant future.  The model to lease then develop is much better for us in the long term than a model to lease then flip or do nothing.  So, it may take longer to get leased nowadays, but royalties from actual production will be our reward.

I agree with you Todd.  Chesapeake's lies and their lack of funds to develop Hancock County which precipitated their lies to cover up for their lack of funds did Hancock County a disservice!  This will all change for the lucky one who comes in here and does drill and laughs all the way to the bank and then we will have our come up hence against Chesapeake who will be still stumbling all over themselves in the quicksand they put themselves in because no one wants to do business with the devil himself!  Oh what a terrible web we weave!  I'm loving every minute of their downfall after what they have done to so many and I can't wait for more!

I was told by the lawyer we been dealing with that its looking like at least a couple yrs.My only concern is they seem to be trying to push more regulations in wv. I just hope it dont drive them away.Hev also said he believes once that big pipeline comesthrough is when we are gonna see somthing.


I'm confident that we will be leased prior to the Hillman Lateral gathering pipeline installation.

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Southwestern is very interested in its Hancock County acreage that it has acquired.  Read through the company's presentation from 12/29/14 and the accompanying transcript on 12/30/14.

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todd im not sure if you was at the meeting on dec 10 but in my opinion joining with buckeye seems like a good deal. I think what they were saying at the meeting they must have a idea of somthing coming with in this year time


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