Only in WV would there not be an on-line discussion for a county that has had 63 new oil and gas wells permitted in the last year and a half and many, many more awaiting approval:

Hancock County just happened to used to be a part of this county with the prolific drilling, fracking and oil and gas production activity.

Here's Chesapeake's completion reports for Brooke County including final open flow volumes of between 100 to 300 BBL's of OIL per day.

Some caution here is that the only real gauge of EUR (estimated ultimate recovery) of any oil and gas well is the actual sustained production over year 1 and then through year 5 from what I have read.

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Todd do you know why the Brook county group isn't on the group list for WV?

I don't know Gary... I was wondering the same thing.  I'll have to try to contact the site publisher at some point.

Brooke County has now been added to the list of county forums under WV; I contacted the site publisher, Keith Mauck.

Maybe they don't have internet there. Or the coal companies own all the oil and gas rights. I tried to look at the completion results, but it takes more than just clicking on a link. What are the gas and wet gas numbers?

IP for Oil is between 100 to 320 barrels per day per well. IP for dry gas is about 1000mcf per day.  Condensate and wet gas numbers have not been released.


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