Hancock County is located in the Super-Rich Marcellus and Upper Devonian Shale


  • The peak 24-hour test rate of the well in the super-rich area was 1,266 barrels of liquids per day (50% condensate, 50% NGLs) and 6.4 Mmcf per day of natural gas.  This well had a lateral length of 4,137 feet and was completed with 19 frac stages.  Assuming 85% ethane extraction, the test results would have been 1,714 barrels of liquids per day (35% condensate, 65% NGLs) and 5.6 Mmcf of natural gas per day. 

  • The peak 24-hour test rate of the first wet well was 1,046 barrels of liquids per day (34% condensate, 66% NGLs) and 9.7 Mmcf per day of natural gas.  This well had a lateral length of 2,375 feet and was completed with 14 frac stages.  Assuming 85% ethane extraction, the test results would have been 1,783 barrels of liquids (20% condensate, 80% NGLs) and 8.4 Mmcf of natural gas. 

  • The peak 24-hour test rate of the second wet well was 1,032 barrels of liquids per day (39% condensate, 61% NGLs) and 8.8 Mmcf per day of natural gas.  This well had a lateral length of 3,425 feet and 22 frac stages.  Assuming 85% ethane extraction, the test rate would have 1,700 barrels of liquids (24% condensate, 76% NGLs) and 7.7 Mmcf of natural gas per day. 

FYI guys, these peak flow numbers > Carroll County's Mangun and Neider Utica well results released by Chesapeake.

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Not to be argumentative but....this is a pretty misleading post.  I work in Hancock county and, in discussing this with courthouse employees, I discovered that none of these 3 wells is actually in Hancock county, or even WV for that matter.  If you read Range's report closely, they are identified as being in "SW Pennsylvania" without further description.  Now Hancock county may well share the same geology but that has certainly yet to be proven.  Regarding activity there, only 2 lonely lease buyers in the whole county and they are buying at a quite leisurely pace.

Mr. Howard,

This posting is a reflection of Range Resources "Inflection".  Please read the entire Inflection Point presentation by RRC.  Here is a map of Hancock County within the "super-rich" area (>1350 BTU): http://www.rangeresources.com/rangeresources/files/8a/8ad6bd8d-8d24...  See Page 36.  Nothing misleading in this post. 

In addition, the aforementioned wells are located in Northwest Washington County, PA ie. Independence TWP.  See Pg 19 for map of wells.  In addition, RRC is permitting and drilling wells slightly east of Hancock in the super-rich area of the Marcellus in Beaver County, PA.  See Pg 21.  What's more, CHK has over 40 permits just south of tiny Hancock County in Brooke County, WV.   FYI: Hancock County used to be part of Brooke County.

Hope this helps.


At the end of the day when all the speculation, rumers and secrets weigh out and the actual numbers hit the books,  I think a lot of the region will be pleasantly surprised.  There are a lot of separators of all sizes coming in on flatbeds and very large storage tanks being placed about.  Dry ice and nitrogen tanker trucks running the hills. 

To add to Dan's comment - I briefly spoke to an employee of Schlumberger a few months ago and he said that his corporate guys were very pleased with the results they were getting in the northern panhandle. . This was at the Sheetz in Weirton back in late May. I've since seen a lot more of those trucks on 22 between Follansbee and First Niagra.

Hancock Couny is a Bull's eye encircled by super-rich wet Marcellus activity to the east and south and by wet Utica activity to the west and north.  Hence, Mr. Howard would like to buy your oil and gas royalties/mineral rights.

Regional Mapping and Reservoir Analysis of the Upper Devonian Shale


See the last 2 pages in particular to see the best reservoir fairway for the Upper Devonian Shale.  This is where the Allison well will drain.


Rex Energy is finding better results in the super rich Upper Devonian than the Marcellus in their Butler operated area.  See page 16 and 28 of the above presentation.


Todd this an excellent post can you post it on the Beaver county discussions..and maby even the main discussions..I think every one in PA should see this..Hopefully you will get some good comments..Thx

Thanks Gary... will do!

See Super-Rich Upper Devonian and Super-Rich Marcellus results from Rex Energy:



Seismic testing currently underway on PA side of Hardins Run Rd

America's Secret Shale:


"Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE: CHK) has to date drilled a single Upper Devonian well in West Virginia. It has several permits to drill into the formation in western Pennsylvania. Chesapeake remains tight-lipped about its drilling results so far, as well as its plans for the Upper Devonian."


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