I received this message this morning. Can anyone clarify what this means and if this information carries any significance? I have pasted the report below in its entirety.

Report Details
Permit Type: Plugging (Plugging)
Permit Activity Type: Permits Issued
Activity Date: 2014-07-17 00:00:00
Operator: Chesapeake Appalachia, L.L.C.
Well number: 834412 (ALLISON HNK 3H M)
County: Hancock
Target Formations: []
Well API Number: 029-00141
2011-10-16 Signed Rec Plan Received
2011-10-16 Casing Approved
2011-10-16 Subsequent Rev. Not Approved
2011-10-19 Application Received
2011-11-17 SSP REC
2011-11-17 SSP APPROVED
2011-12-16 WMP Received
2011-12-20 WMP TO DWWM
2011-12-29 Plat Approved
2011-12-29 Tech. Rev. Approved
2012-01-17 WMP APPROVED
2012-01-18 Permit Issued
2012-01-18 Permits Issued
2012-02-24 Casing Approved
2012-02-24 Modification Received
2012-02-24 Modification Received 1
2012-02-29 Permit Modification Approved
2012-02-29 Permits Modification Approved
2012-02-29 Permit Modification Approved 1
2012-04-26 Modification Received
2012-04-26 Modification Received 1
2012-04-29 Permits Commenced
2012-05-21 Permits Modification Approved
2012-05-21 Permit Modification Approved 1
2012-06-05 Modification Received
2012-06-05 Modification Received 1
2012-06-05 WMP Received
2012-06-07 WMP TO DWWM
2012-06-18 WMP Revision Received
2012-07-12 WMP Revision Approved
2012-07-30 Permits Completed
2012-11-28 Inspection
2012-12-04 Completion Report (WR35) Received
2013-02-25 Inspection
2013-04-26 Water Test Received
2013-06-06 Inspection
2013-09-05 Inspection
2014-02-13 Reclamation Released
2014-02-13 Inspection
2014-02-27 WMP Revision Received
2014-04-14 DMR (WR34) Received
2014-04-14 Permits Released
2014-05-14 Signed Rec Plan Received
2014-05-14 Tech. Rev. Approved
2014-05-19 Application Received
2014-05-27 Surface Owner Comment Received
2014-07-07 Application Reviewer
2014-07-17 Permits Issued

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It means that an operator cannot drill a well in WV and then wait indefinitely to produce it. Hence, the surrounding old oil and gas leases have been surrendered.
So what you are saying is that Chesapeake is calling it quits in Hancock?
All that this means for sure is that Hancock is not in the immediate development plans for CHK. As everyone knows, CHK has too much acreage to develop; they just sold prime stacked pay acreage in Greene County, PA to Rice Energy, for instance. Also, they sold much of their Columbiana acreage to Hilcorp and other independent drillers are starting to hit that county. Western Hanover TWP, Beaver County is now CHK - but Range has been surveying well sites there!
Hancock is not in Access Midstream's maps, so, based on that and the forgoing, I would surmise that CHK is marketing Hancock.
Good information. Thanks, Todd. I guess we'll wait and see.

Here is an article that was sent to me...What's your take.  http://www.statejournal.com/story/26174438/wv-couple-claims-chesape...


Thanks for posting this interesting article. This is an important suit and basically affects everyone in Hancock County. It will be interesting to see if it gains traction. I'll keep an eye on it.


Thanks Todd..


Good news:
Deutsche Bank released the $500,000,000.00 Deed of Trust in Hancock County on 9-11-14.

I guess I will finally post on this one.  Chesapeake lost a court decision on this matter and was ordered by the federal court to plug this well.  The court found that the only reason they drilled this well was to keep from paying the royalty payments to those in the unit.  Chesapeake's intent was never produce from this well and it lay dormant for over 2 years!


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