Anybody have any current idea of what Ascent is doing for new leases  in Athens Township?  And what areas or sections are involved.  Thanks!!!

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I had an offer from Ascent for $4,000.00 per acre and 20% royalty, with the standard boiler plate lease agreement.  I have not accepted their offer.

Land is just west of New Athens

I'm glad to hear that some landowners in Athens Twp are getting offers. A few months ago, most of my neighbors re-signed with chesapeake for $2700 per acre, 20% royalty, standard agreement. Myself and the remaining neighbors were not offered anything from anybody and our leases (that were with chesapeake originally) have expired. We are also located west of New Athens, Harrison county.

 Nick, Don't take that offer or their lease.  You can do better.  Ascent is paying more than that and you can get a better contract.  They'll hound you because they want a quick close but stick to your guns.  Hiring an oil/gas atty (not your local we-do-everything kind) wouldn't be a bad idea to get the best deal. 

Does anyone have any idea as to why Jockey Hollow State land hasnt been leased out yet? A good amount of acreage is in Harrison county. thanks

State Lands usually go up for a silent auction bid every 5 years. Also there are many restrictions on the lands to build/explore/extract etc.

That may be so. but surely Salt Fork state park's 21000 acres would give the state of Ohio a good shot in the budget if they'd lease it. I'm sure they don't want any drill pads or even truck traffic on the land, but that is exactly what happens at Seneca Lake. They just built the pads close to the lake and drilled under it about 7000 ft. down. Musking Watershed group is making millions and never see a truck on the property!.  Ohio now has an oil&gas leasing, exploration commission that keeps having meetings,but never get to any actions. Maybe they are working towards your "silent auction" date?

Thanks for the replies I am hope for some more and am trying to learn as much about this as I can.

We signed for $6000/acre and 20% gross.  Go over the contract carefully.  You can get a better one than what they are offering.

Was this in Athens Twp.? And if so how recent?  Was it with Ascent or who?  Thank You!!!

Athens Twp. Very recently.  Ascent.

Thank You.

Yes, thanks, good info to have.


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