Gulfport Energy filed for bankruptcy in federal court in Houston on Fri. 13th, 2020. They will attempt to reorganize and dump about $2.5 billion in debt and liabilities. Check your lease for bankruptcy provisions. These companies are usually able to continue operating and paying royalties while in bankruptcy. This could last 6 months or more. My guess is that after they emerge without all of the long term debt, they will be taken over by EQT or SWN. SWN took over Montage Resources (which was Eclipse) on Friday in an all-stock deal. And EQT (which took over Rice) also took over Chevron's assets recently for $750 million recently. Consolidation is the future, for better or worse.

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Gulfport has been granted authority to continue paying royalties, their employees, and their other bills. Here's a link to a current story on Seeking Alpha.


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