Do you know anything about these wells?  My husband and I are interested in communicating with folks on this site who are following the status of four Gulfport wells in western Harrison County (Ohio) called the "Milliken" wells; their API is the 340672 area: wells 11840000, 11850000, 11860000, and 11870000.  Thank you ahead of time for any news. We understand from the "grapevine" that ODNR are swamped with oil and gas work especially since the recent earthquake and the need for new regulations. Perhaps their web site is behind in posting status news due to their engagement in these complex issues or perhaps none of these Milliken wells are fully drilled and/or currently producing.  Of course we would be highly interested in hearing from local folks following any production status of these four wells.  We would also be interested in our neighbors points of view regarding what the industry's impact is upon the geography / environment / water sources  and air quality in that general area.  Have you noted any significant changes? Our property is about a mile from Freeport off of State Highway 800 and about two miles from U.S. 22.  Again thanks for any communications regarding these Milliken wells near Freeport Township area of western Harrison County, Ohio and your thoughts about the industry's impact.  Thanks.

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Well summary cards for the Milliken wells ( the links should update automatically as the well status changes) :  





Thank you to Philip.

Teri-O...........according to the DNR viewer, one of the wells is producing, two are drilled or drilling, and one permitted.

yes the DNR is behind on current production reporting so there is no actual production number reported yet but the Clay wells right next door show good production numbers from the 3rd qtr last year.......this area is smack in the middle of the "pickle" so production should contain some good liquids and respectable gas numbers.

also Piedmont has just been leased so there will be drilling in the area for years to come.

i'm a little farther north in the county with drilling all around and have not heard of anything negative in regards to enviromental issues.........mostly just noise and truck traffic.

Booger, thanks for the answers to my questions.  Yes, I suppose since the Milliken wells are so close to the Clay wells that there is a good chance they will produce also.  I just haven't heard that any of the Milliken wells have actually produced.  I like your use of the word "pickle" as if it is crowded there where other wells are producing.  When you say "good liquids" do you know if there is the possibility of OIL or Gas or is it likely to be a mixture in that area?  Of course I think we are hoping to have oil.  Glad to know that you haven't experienced any negatives regarding environmental issues in your part of Harrison County.  We currently live close to another state that is having an oil and gas boom.  We drove through North Dakota last summer and there was not a motel anywhere in the area to rest our weary bodies... so we kept driving.  Our little Harrison County hobby farm was to be where we were going to return to when our daughter finishes high school.  My husband farmed for 30 years but then twelve or so years ago sold most of the land to our neighbors. I remember the coal trucks every morning rumbling back and forth down 800 past our house... so if it is only this environmental noise it will not be too bad. I just hope the water and the air do not become polluted. I am glad that people have jobs now.  We left because we were too young to retire a "second time" when the economy was depressed and had to move out-of-state for employment.  Well, thanks for the reply. 


i saw the use of "pickle" in another post and i took it to mean (what seems to be) the core of the happens to be shaped like a pickle....a narrow-ish band running NNE to SSW through several counties with a slight bend..........and you are right in the middle of it..

good liquids equates to oil, or condensate which is reported and valued as oil........and NGL's which are reported as gas but are liquids valued in the $30 to $45/bbl range (not sure how they convert to MCF for production reporting)..........2 of the clay wells produced 300/bbl per day of oil plus decent amounts of gas......the other 2 clay wells not as good - but none of the 4 produced more than 35 days in the quarter so they may have just started in the production phase.

these clay wells are adjacent to the milliken and drilled by the same company so results should be similar.

you won't have to search for any potential enviromental issues........if something happens to negatively affect the enviro, it will be all over the news........there are plenty of folks who are wanting to shut down the industry and they will not let a good crisis go to waste.

hope you make back to harrison county to visit........the hills are still beautiful and wildlife plentiful.

Thanks.  You are helping to educate me.  Always willing to learn.

I see the shape though faded of Harrison County's outline.  Though I do not see the name Milliken I do see that these wells are in that general area.  Thanks a lot for sending me this link. 

It was to explain the term "Pickle".  It came from Consol Energy's investor presentation:

Phillip - that is consol's BOE Pickle (based on reported IP rates)

BOE does not equate to $$$$..........i think the cash pickle slides to the west a bit towards the condensate.

How much acreage do you own if you don't mind?

Dear Ron, your name sounds familiar.  Even though we've been away from Ohio for more than ten years I think I recognize your name.  Are you the aqua culture guy?  I had a friend who was in the peace corp who built aqua farms in a third world country.  My husband and I about eleven or twelve years ago started a coalition of citizens in favor of keeping the local small schools open rather than building one county-wide mega school for all of Harrison County.  Our coalition gave voice in our opinion to the need to keep the village elementary schools open. For about four or so more years the school closest to our property: Lakeland Elementary School remained open. When it did finally close four years later, the decision to close it was not put forth for the citizens to vote and decide. The school board members decided.  We had already moved a few years before this because we reaped the consequences of our political beliefs. You see my husband (a retired Harrison County teacher) was black listed from substitute teaching by the former superintendent who wanted to build the mega school and thus our source of needed income stopped.  Sad that our political stance of not wanting our children to be bused long distances cost us our income and livelihood.  Our coalition wanted the remaining village schools (especially Lakeland) to stay open and be repaired (there were grants from the state for repairs) and we were met with a lot of hostility by those who wanted the mega school pre-K through 12th to be built.  A couple years after we moved away many folks from home called and/or wrote thanking us because they began to have similar thoughts to us on the subject. Today my husband and I are thrilled that a small charter school has opened in the village of Freeport.  It just didn't make sense to us that such young children living in western Harrison County be bused all the way to Cadiz.  Our daughter was in Kindergarten when we got involved and started the coalition so we had a personal reason for wanting the local small school to remain open.  During the days of knocking on doors prior to voting day, we met high school students who couldn't wait to go off to college because they were tired of two hour bus rides one-way to get to and from school.  We just couldn't see putting young elementary kids through this.  It was just mind boggling.  Research shows that kids do better when they have short commute times.  Communities are usually centered around school activities and thus there are lots of healthy reasons for having local schools... small schools that give personal attention to each child.  Anyway we had to move due to the loss of the substitute teaching job.  My husband, Ron (same first name as you), was substitute teaching several times a week if not the full week up until we got involved in the coalition and local politics. Sad that a retired teacher couldn't have a point of view without being punished by a person in power in the system. Anyways, I am totally off the gas and oil subject. I hope the money coming into the community will benefit the schools.  You wanted to know how many acres we have.  I would rather tell you personally rather than post it here though I didn't mind you asking. Thanks for writing to us.  Sincerely, Teri 


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