exco/north coast energy has been trying to buy leases around blocks of lease ground they got from the purchase of a gas company that had leases and shallow wells in the jefferson - clfd co. area. also little pine energy has been running adds on the radio. things are heating up.

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Hi Jenny,

Beware of Little Pine--I'm just saying b/c we have encountered them. They were offering fair leases last year from what I heard, however, they are now running around offering pathetic leases in Clearfield County. We were offered $50 an acre for 71 acres and we have a major columbia gas line running through our property! LOL! Anyway, it seems that they are more interested in attaining Seismic testing than anything right now. I know a couple people that signed their seismic agreement and they said they would be back to discuss a lease, however, they never got back to them--shocker! They are offering a whopping $3 an acre for Seismic testing by the way--not worth the risk to me. There's no land protections in their agreements either. It's my opinion that some of these companies are preying on the unknowledgeable right now trying to "pick" the low lying fruit before the competition really heats up.
My farm has been leased to an old PA company for years, they are from Butler. I woulod love to get rid of them!!!!
Is there a producing well on your property or in a unit which includes your leased area ?
They call them producing, together they have a hard time keeping up with our house needs. They claim they will drill new one this year, they said that last year though.
with gas prices down last year I am not surprised they did not drill, I would stay on them and question their intentions w/ regard to marcellus development. Courts have been leaning a little more towards landowners in recent years than they used to regarding the companies obligation to develop, but HBP is pretty tough. Strongly encourage Marrcellus production on their part ( there is a good chance they will flip the Marcellus to someone who does shale drilling) - 12 1/2% of a good Marcellus is nothing to sneeze at. Good luck with it.
My frustration is they don't speck directly with you and they still drilled a lot of other wells. It would be a 100 ac lease if they don't screw it up. If the 2 wells go down they are out like a light. I am all for 12 1/2, just want them to get their butt in gear. I sell midstream fabrication to the gig boys, they don't act the same way.

Many of the properties leased by EXCO are about to come due if they were five years.  Just wondering if EXCO is extending leases or not.  Bonus? How cooperative are they in sending a release of lease to the court house if they don't extend. When EXCO left the area, they said it was because of low gas prices.  What is the consensus of their feelings now?  Does anyone have any information?

Anyone know what plans Consol has for SE Jefferson & Northern Indiana counties?  They seem to be active in Big Run and Marchand areas.

yes I do .They dropped my lease in year 3. and they are not extending..Someone who had given th ok for several hundred acres made a royal mess of things and cost EXCO  the loss of an entire da.Basicly they decided they were not going to frack in my direction and did it in another since this un named gentleman messed us all up.That is the answer

I'm sorry but you lost me as I read your previous post. Are you saying a landowner changed their mind on signing a lease and thereby precipitated Consol or EXCO not to drill laterals in your direction?

Was this property in the middle of the drilling unit, on the end or near the edge of the prospective unit boundary? Not to press too much, but was it a dollar dispute or ideological rift?

           Starting to get active in jeffferson county pa. Seneca Resources starting to cap all shallow wells in pinecreek township. The word from the good old boys is Seneca Resources to explore both marcellus and Utica shale here in jefferson county pa. THEY ARE GETTING READY TO WAKE THE SLEEPING GIANT  !!!!!!!!     

Jack...are you familiar with Consol CNX Gas drilling plans in SE Jefferson County and Northern Indiana County?   Are they also looking at Utica Shale Gas?  Sounds like you know the potential is pretty good in that area.


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