Just recently received a Lease Agreement. I don't plan on signing anything until I learn more about the gas drilling business. I also plan to speak to a lawyer. I'm not sure how up to speed WV lawyers are. Are things just now starting to get really fired up in WV for the Marcellus Shale gas? I wonder if it would be better to check with a lawyer out of PA or NY. They may have more experience in the matter. I hope to hear from people that own property or mineral rights in Lewis County that are being contacted for lease agreements to see what your thoughts are.

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Hello Brian,

I see the woofter name on some wells, it looks like the woofter family has owned wells in Lewis county for some time.

Just checking in


Bowles & Rice as well as Jackson Kelly, both firms in Charleston, have an O & G department. I have dealt with both, and recommend them.

Brian I may be able to assist you with your lease issues. Please call me at 304-545-7644 or e-mail at tgreene711@gmail.com
Brian, last year we signed paid up mineral lease agreements with Chesapeake Energy. They were for $500 per acre, 1/8 royalty for a period of 5 years. That was the original offer. We couldn't get Chesapeake to budge from that, although we were able to get the leases changed some which benefited us slightly. All of the parcels, which totaled about 23 net acres, are in the Collins Settlement District of Lewis County. I'd be interested in learning if anyone else has dealt, or is dealing, with Chesapeake in Lewis County, and how they made out, or is making out. I'd also like to know if anyone is aware of any drilling activity in that area.
Just wondered if there has been any recent activity (lease agreements) in Lewis county ?
Been talking to EQT and lawyer since last year about 800 acres near Crawford in Lewis county. Not seen a dime. No updates.

what are they offer to buy royalty


Is this in Freemans dist?

Yes Turkey Pen run

Hello Lewis Co Land and Mineral Owners, 

Recently notified of pipeline being proposed across property, Don Smith called me, he will be sending all the info he might need for me to sign. I will post that info as soon as I receive it in the mail.

I have loads of questions about ROW, pipe size rate, displacement of land and timber, rental of space  for temporary use for laying to pipe, and I am sure many additional ones once I learn more of the process. 

Has anyone else been notified of pipeline being laid on thier property? would love to hear your experiences on this process. Thanks 

There is a formula for size and distance.  One pipe at a time, make sure you constrain movements, and find an attorney who has done these agreements.  Not same as lease


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