What is the current environment in the area for leasing, permitting, drilling activity?

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Hi Tim, I live on North Fork Rd near Huff's Run , The closest pad to me is on the Rayle coal company property. I started getting royalties starting in April 2014. they had another rig drilling there this past fall. payees were Stat oil and Chesapeake I hope this helps you

Les Hunt

I haven't heard of a whole lot going on up in Ohio County.  When I was working as a landman for Chesapeake, there was some development going on up there.  But that was, let's see, five years ago now.  Time flies.  I work as an attorney and advertise only for oil and gas work.  I haven't had a call from a potential client up that direction that I can remember.  That typically means there's not a lot going on.


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