I went up to my farm today and I saw that they are burning off the Glauser pad located on Stone Church Road, How soon do they go online after burning a well off?

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Deborah is production equipment installed, is the pipeline in and ready, if so could be within week or two at most. They (chk) only flare for a few days then shut it in if production equipment in not in place

Everything is installed and ready to go, I notice they are burning three pipes what does that mean, one pipe has a huge flame, the second pipe has a medium flame the third pipe is barely burning, any info on this?


Thelma have you heard of anyone recieving royalites yet in ohio co? I have heard different rumors don't know if they are true or not

Deborah, The biggest flame is the flare the little ones are burn off. Every company dose it differant. Yes have heard that aleast 2 pads south on 70 have got thier royalities. Thier wells have been on line for 4 months now. We have 3 wells on our pad that just went online the 14th of Dec. 2012










which pad are you on?

Thelma Hays Pad outside of West Liberty.  Thelma is my first name pad is on our farm

WoW! that's great, are you the only one in the pool?

No half our farm 50+ is with our pad and rest it from pad across hill

How do you know when your well goes online?

the way i can tell is there is a burn off tower that has a reds-orange glow at the bottom of this tower. Kinda reminds me of old coal furnance glow. Not sure if your pad has one, its  just a tall round white tower, ours is close to where all pipes go to storage tanks. Also you really wont to see blue line painted around top of your tanks thats for oil and n/g liquids. Which they are hauling off in tankers from our pad. You could also call your landman he should be able to tell you or give you a good idea.

also you will see a lot of acivity when they frist turn it online.

That explains the white tower on our pad is We couldn't figure it out because it's smaller around then the holding tanks, I did see big oil tanker trucks coming off our pad, I guess that is  good thing


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