Erie County, Pa. update: EmKey Energy builds gas processing plant in Union City

Em Key Energy,LLC. (or affiliates) purchased gas distribution lines from Norse Energy for over $34million dollars and now has invested $10million dollars in a gas processing plant in Union City,Pa. The plant,according to a recent article in the Erie Times, stated that after 10 years of planning has the ability to separate out the liquid components of butane, propane, ethane and liquid natural gas. The article states that this process is expensive to extract but adds up to found money. The company states that the local supply of natural gas justifies the investment but looks forward to the additional demand
that should stimulate additional drilling. Empire Energy has many wells in the Wattsburg area that were drilled many years ago and the opportunity to drill for the Upper Devonian
strata group that is prevelant in this area as well as future Utica opportunities will eventually be uncovered as technology increases the efficiency. The pipeline infrastructure, ability to separate the qualities of the natural gas and the expansion of the port of Erie to allow shipping of natural gas and its products to large eastern markets and overseas loom large in Erie County, Pa.

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