I was happy to get my water tested today for free by a independent water tester.  SAIC filled 14 bottles for testing.  They told me every land owner will be offered this service in Bradford County.  Thanks Chespapeake for this service!  Im sure you saved me hundreds of dollars.  I never had my water tested before and it will give me  peace of mind to know my water is safe.  As a land owner living in midst of a hot bed for drilling, I can honestly say I have no complaints.

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I would not trust anything that Chesapeake does.  Peace of mind?  No, there is no peace in Gasland.

Working for Chesapeake (doing water testing) does not mean you're evil. Wouldn't you think that being a water tester for Chesapeake is one of the most effective ways to promote a better system? If we look at every company as the enemy, and the whole landscape as "Gasland", we miss moments like the one posted by Dave. 

It's a valuable service they're providing. The LAST THING Chesapeake wants is to have it spotlight as a company that will contaminate water (BAD PR does exist). Hence, they will be constantly looking to finding new, more effective (both in speed and safety) in drilling. 

Is the system perfect? 

Perhaps not

But at least they're trying to make it better (the rate at which they do this can be argued). Screaming doesn't count as contribution 


Thanks David

I think most the people complaining about the gas companies are either not from the area or dont own any land if they are from gas county.  I dont think they took the time to find out what fracking means and what the process is, I did my research.  Where do they think the energy comes from to heat their homes and drive there cars?   Im glad we found this vast supply of energy and are making good use of it!

Ya, I think as long as we continue to learn more about shale gas, and continue to tweak the process to make it more efficient and sustainable, then there is little reason to not use it. If we could've made the switch to wind or solar it wouldve already been. What we're seeing is a modern day gold rush (but this time its real!) in our own back yard. 

Wow I am from PA and I do own land and I am very educated on Hydrofracking I am sure more educated than yourself. You need to do your homework and I am with you peacegirl not trusting the fox to be in charge of the chicken coop hello are you all really that clueless . I am involved with the chemicals involved and over 400 of the chemicals used are not safe in the drilling process look around the country and out west to see the issues that have happened.There is so much money and corruption in this industry that if you believe all that you hear i have swamp land to sell you?

They are mostly either radioactive isotopes contamination or like benzene and methotolulene carcinogenic check it out for yourself or maybe drink some frack water that they say is mostly brine (salt)?????


Remarkable post.  Most extraordinary I've ever encountered on this forum.

Denice, your conceit is exceeded only by your anosognosia.

Since you don't know what that means, I'll save you some time:



How appropriate, though, for me to be making this reply to your post on your big holiday, one named in your honor.  Have a wonderful day!

 First of all your being able to use wikipedia" good for you ".Glad your learning new words . And , I bet you have a job or some interest in this industry?? ? I hope your right and I am wrong that would mean we will still have clean water in this area and no problems ???? Not with selling our land or homes  where i have lived over 20 years (Which is not the case. In fact some banking intitutions will not lend on leased or by leased land.Did you know that? And also jobs no jobs in our town just a bunch of men in our motels some  that dont  even speak a word of english. That work in marcellus drilling. I know this for a fact! So next time you decide to tell me live in my town ,  drink our water and try and sell our land or homes . Bet you dont even live by a drill site because you work for them or get $$$$ from them right? I have no bias other than living with this industry and thier messes and propaganda . If you dont understand any of these words use your wikipedia ok? I am closing this off and will not read any of your proagand and replies thank you





Ah ha!  Tsk tsk, Denice.  I knew you would peek.  :-)

Seriously, I was reacting mostly to your (earlier) statement to David saying you were more educated than he is.  Your reply to me is fine.  I respect your negative opinions regarding fracking and the gas industry in general.  This is America, and we all have the right to disagree with one another.

And you nailed it.  I've been busted.  While I don't work for the drilling industry, I do own land which is leased.  And I do collect royalties.  So I benefit from NG drilling, just as you suspected.  To be completely honest with you, Denice, a great many participants on this forum are in my exact situation.

Beyond that, I make my only home on that same land.  Like most of my neighbors, I've nowhere else to go or to live.  And drilling here where I live has been active for several years.  It's been a real madhouse, let me tell you.  We've had thousands of trucks going by on a tertiary road, a dirt road.  The pipeline they put in last summer was amazingly disruptive.

Guess you could say, though, that that was then and this is now.  We still have some trucks.  The pipeline is in and the land over it, with all this warm weather, is growing grass pretty well.  Couple more months and they will be haying that right of way.  Overall, things have quieted down a lot.

But I think most important, Denice, is that neither I nor any of my neighbors have suffered any water problems at all.  And this is with tens of wells all around us.  Really, with all the wells all over my county the number of bad water reports has been very, very small.  I live in Bradford County and we have more wells than any other county, with more going in.

You mentioned selling land.  I can tell you the land across from mine just sold last year, in the midst of all the discombobulation.  The new people came in and built a new home on the land.  They drilled a well, put in septic, and are living there right now.  And I am almost sure they have no mineral rights at all, only surface rights.  So selling around here has not been an issue or a consideration.

Good luck to you, Denice.  If you can give things a little time to settle down, I think you have really good prospects of everything working out for yourself.  I hope so.

Gosh, David.  I don't think I attacked you in any way.  I think I agree with you on most stuff.  I'm sorry you took anything I wrote as an attack on you.  Really, looking over my posts, I honestly can't find the attack on you.  In both of my posts I was addressing Denice.

No Frank I was talking about you! I was addressing Denise for constantly making personal attacks on the users here.  Sorry for the confusion! 

I don't think Denise is looking for discussion, but rather a yelling match. Sadly, this is far too common among the industry naysayers. 

Also, I find it amusing that you continue to use personal attacks instead of addressing the relevant issues. Attacking users personally *does not* make your argument more powerful, rather it comes across as tasteless and immature. 

Anyone that buys into the propoganda spread in Gasland tells me all I need to know.  Best of luck to you Dave.




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