Payed for lease today thanks to mnw. A little more talk in Washington co would have helped everyone. Marietta and newport township are getting payed. Why sit back and wait get involved

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I signed with MNW. Had to hire a lawyer to clear up a defect on the lease. The lease is now clear and MNW agrees that it is clear, but MNW says they are having trouble with Triad and can't get them to pay anybody. Funny how you claim to have been paid and that others are getting paid also when I am getting a different story from the source. Why would that be, I wonder?

I got payed from portage 3 not triad hunter I herd triad might go under maby that's why they are not paying up. I seen a sign on rt 26 and caywood rd that said drilling pad. I did not get to read the rest of it. Mnw and triad has had trouble in the past. I am glad triad did not want mine My lease went through with the city of Marietta


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