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What makes this site so great? Well, I think it's the fact that, quite frankly, we all have alot a stake in this thing they call shale. But beyond that, this site is made up of individuals who have worked hard for that little yard we call home, or that farm on which blood, sweat and tears have fallen.

Our farm has been in the family for over 80 years. Though much of the family is out of state, we still gather there for holidays and summer vacations. It's a refuge of sorts. We have two ponds, timber, and a couple now-vacant chicken houses. Now, because of the shale, this refuge is potentially worth much more monetarily speaking. We believe Grandmother and Granddaddy would be thrilled to see the current activity around their homestead and the impact the farm may now have on generations to come. Never in their wildest dreams had they ever considered such a thing as the shale boom.

As exciting as this is, we know that we have a responsibility to do this thing correctly. After all, we want the farm to remain a place where the family can gather for another 80 years and beyond. This site was born out of these desires. Before we started this site, googling  "shale' brought up little information. Certainly nothing that was useful as we negotiated a lease. This site allows us to communicate with each other in real time. Sure, you can't trust anything 100%, so be sure to verify what you read. But, at its core, this site is filled with landowners and professionals who want to network and be of assistance. So, thank you for joining and have fun "shaling."


Keith Mauck, Publisher

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